Dusting off by John Kirkby

Last March I had the opportunity to go to CAP’s Annual United Conference again, for Centre Managers and their church leaders.

Melissa came with me and we had the privilege of hearing an excellent message from John Kirkby, the founder of CAP.

We were both so keen to share it with the whole church and that’s why we showed it as part of our Words In Season series at the end of June!

John Kirkby is a leader that I greatly value. He has inspired so many individuals and churches to step up and serve the poor, the needy, the ones who have less, in order that they can discover the freedom of Jesus.

John challenged us to dust off in order to be fully used by God.

We collect dust along the way from what people say about us, do or don't do to us...

John takes us on a journey and focusses on 5 areas:

  • The dust of what others think of us, have said to us, done or not done to us
  • The dust of failures and disappointments. John reminded us to not let the past define our future and stop us from living the life God has called us to live.
  • The dust of sin and unforgiveness. Again, we were prompted to not live our present through the mistakes of the past but instead give our sins to the cross and move away from them.
  • The dust of success: Of course it is important to celebrate when we achieve something well especially when it takes hard work! But always remember where our successes come from, give the glory to God and keep moving forward.
  • Our own dust: Our own negativity for example. John reminded us to learn to be content with what God has given us and remember who we are in Him.

So let's dust off, let's check what sticks to us and stops us from serving our God fully!

Watch it again here (https://capuk.org/connect/more/video/258631222) and enjoy the last part of the message too, which we didn’t have time to show.

Julie O’Brien

Our former local CAP Centre Manager, now CAP Area Manager for the South East

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