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We believe in building from the beginning, which is why we are passionate about Children’s Ministry. We have an enriching, empowering and equipping curriculum which allows our children and families to make meaningful connections to their everyday lives. And because our Kids Teams are driven by families, we have a strong fellowship of serving and belonging which we’d love you to join too.

We follow the Deep Blue Kids Curriculum across the age groups so that siblings can share what they’ve explored and discovered together. There’s also a free app to download so that you can continue the Deep Blue Adventure together at home.

For more information visit: www.deepbluekids.com

Parent and baby room

Parent & Baby Room (under 18 months)

Parents are welcome to stay with their babies in our P&B Room any time during the Service. It is located adjacent to the Auditorium, and has a live link to the service so that you can continue with worship and hear the message. This is a comfortable space, which has changing facilities, seating, refreshments, toys and other baby equipment. It is also supported by our dedicated Parent & Baby Team, who are on hand to give a little hand.


Discoverers (18 months - 2 years)

Our toddlers start strong with our multi-sensory approach. They begin to discover who God is through play, craft, games, music, signing and prayer. It’s here where we connect our children with the beautiful truth that God loves them, and that they are wonderfully and purposefully made.


The Curriculum

Explorers & Adventurers share the One Room Deep Blue Curriculum. This is a nurturing environment where our older children partner the younger ones and build faith foundations together. Sharing One Room means we have a dynamic space for exploring God’s great photo Album – the Bible! 


Explorers (3 years - Reception)

This is an incredibly expressive age, and Explorers offers our children an exciting range of activities to develop a flourishing faith. Some games are with the older Adventurers where they are brilliantly encouraged; at other times we have quieter creative corners. It’s the space where Explorers begin to embrace the unbreakable and unstoppable love God has for each of them.


Adventurers (Year 1 - Year 6)

Pictures of God really start to unfold here, and Adventurers know that asking questions builds the most secure faith picture of all: what’s God like? Is He like a King? Is He like a tree? Is He more like a lion or a lamb? Or is He a potter? Or…? Our Adventurers enjoy vibrant games, puzzles, craft; they learn how to navigate through the Bible, and inspire as young disciples. Join us, ask questions, and dive a little deeper.