Called For A Purpose

After perhaps 45 years of starting the day with a time alone with God, I find I need to chop and change my routines to keep everything fresh. Right now, I’m memorising passages of the gospels, reading the same chapter of Paul’s letters every day for a week, and listening to podcasts on the Old Testament.  No doubt that will change again at some point, but as of this moment it’s working for me!


I find one of the benefits of re-reading a chapter from an epistle up to seven times, is that the key themes slowly rise to the surface. My passage this week is Galatians 1, and the theme that’s risen to the surface is Paul’s conviction that what he is doing is not at the request of someone somewhere whose eye he must have somehow caught, but of God.  He goes on to say: “If I were still trying to serve men, I wouldn’t be a servant of Christ.”


At UnitedLife, it’s wonderful that so many of us are involved in the mission of the church but it’s important that we remember that we’re not volunteers.  In other words - it wasn’t our idea or initiative to do whatever we’re  doing.  Nor are we doing these things simply because someone somewhere thought we’d do it well and asked us. We’re the family of God on the mission of God, and our part in that is of God. This is huge!  Whether we’re in the kids ministry, a welcomer, on the tech team etc we do so because we’re called by God.  It is the Father we serve and this should both excite and sober us!  Excite us because we are about our Father’s business, and all that we do has an eternal perspective.  Sober us because ultimately we’re about our Father’s business and everything we do has an eternal perspective.


So if you’ve been meaning to get involved but haven’t yet, do remember that just because the initiative is God’s, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a logical, thought through process.  God uses our minds to direct us.  The key is ensuring our hearts are right with Him so that He can speak freely to us.  We’re then ready to respond… to whatever that may be!   Don’t miss out!

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About the Author


Colin is a Londoner and one half of our Executive Pastors. He once had a wonderful dream to become a professional rugby player but was tragically struck down with a debilitating lack of ability! God graciously directed him into ministry where he discovered his true gifts of leading, preaching and raising up leaders.