Colour Conference 2017

This year was my ninth Colour Conference, but it could have been my first…every year is fresh and expansive and God captures my attention from the very ‘insignificant’ to the most heart arresting moments.

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to be at Colour or not, I hope you’d have heard that it’s so much more than a conference. It’s not a passive, ‘feed me’, girls-on-a-jolly, 48hours of hand bags, giggles and talking surface chit-chat about our journeys with Jesus…it’s oh so bigger than that!

The heart of the conference is twofold; it is to gather women of all ages, from all seasons of life to remind them (or show them for the first time) that there is a God in Heaven who loves them and values them so much, and to understand what we, as ordinary girls and women can bring to the Body of Christ and to our local communities. The other part to Colour is to empower us to make a difference where we are in our ‘fields’; whether that’s raising awareness of local needs, or fund-raising for a human trafficking charity or understand and highlighting what child sponsorship can do for families. There’s a saying at Colour, that ‘we can’t do everything, but we can do something’ –  there’s a call to action and the Bible teaches us to care for the widowed, the orphaned, the poor and so on.

I approached this year, as I have others, to ready my heart to hear from my Heavenly Father, to lean in and know that if I’m listening, He will speak. Life often has so many distractions and Colour gives me that opportunity and space to offer all of me, just me, again.

There is so much I could pen, of what impacted me over the course of each session and where I was challenged; so I’ll choose just a few things…

To know that God will always show Himself as Mighty Protector – this was a reminder to me that whatever I face, whatever my family faces, He is a Mighty Protector – who God is and what He promises in His Word is the steel I need when my faith waivers in any way. There may be seasons in life where I’m brought to my knees, but He remains my Mighty Protector.

To remain exclusively His – this was a beautiful phrase, found in Revelation 22:21 in the AMPC version, defining those set apart for God. This is so my desire, that everything I do and the decisions I make come from knowing I am His child, first and foremost.

‘Have you got the right girl God?’ – This phrase came out of a session on leadership and struck me because it’s often a question I ask and I laughed to myself because it so resonated! I’m not sure about you, but I ask a lot of questions when I talk to God! And I question ‘why this’ and ‘really God?’, ‘you want me here?’, ‘right now?’… I don’t always get an answer, but I believe God’s answer to my ‘Have you got the right girl God?’ has been ‘YES!’…and He doesn’t just say that to me…everyone of us has a God-given ‘field’ or sphere of influence and a family, a community of people to love and care for; to share Jesus with, to bring a solution and His hope. I need to be found in the field that God has called me to, it might be different to yours, but He tells me I’m the right girl…


UnitedLife gathered a group of just under 50 women to Colour this year; keep reading to find out how others were impacted by Colour Conference.

Jillian Conrathe

“Whenever I go to Colour Conference I am filled with awe at our Mighty God. It is truly magnificent to look around the auditorium and see 11,000 women with their hands raised, expressing their love for our amazing saviour Jesus Christ. A spectacle to behold. Every time I am arrested and I think of the day when every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. We will be there, in white robes and God will wipe away every tear from our eyes!”

Leigh James

"Colour was literally a life changing few days! God spoke to me loud and clear on two things in particular; firstly, a sin I wasn't even aware I was letting have control of me, but now feel equipped and strong enough to combat. Secondly, a deep hurting which I find too complex to understand and speak about, but at Colour I finally realised God's 'got it' it's in His hands and He will reveal to me and heal all in His timing. It feels so liberating to release that burden from my own shoulders."

Deborah Gill

“The hilarious presentation of 'I am a woman on a mission' summed it up for me. Bobbie Houston opened conference and included these words: 'The great commission does not end until the final curtain call'. As women we can unite in strength and authority to affect the places where we are found: with compassion, choosing empathy, communicating clearly the gospel message, by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. No longer have we time for fussing and arguing amongst ourselves.”

Charlie Marshall

"This was my first time at Colour, and it exceeded all my hopes and expectations by a long way! The worship was amazing - joining 11,000 other women in praising God was just an incredible experience, and the teaching was fantastic - relevant, inspirational, hilarious at times, and so encouraging. I left the conference being sure of 3 things: we worship an amazing God who is able to do more than we can ever imagine, His heart is to release everyone, man or woman, into their calling, and that to be in that place is the only way we will truly be fulfilled and living life to the limits. Bring on next year!"

Charis Miles

It was my fourth year at Colour this year and I really enjoyed it! The speakers were so relevant, the atmosphere during the worship was amazing and the presence of the Holy Spirit was breathtaking. I took away so many important verses and points for my life but the main one would be to be open with everyone about my faith... I should be proud of it and not try to hide it! Also, I need to be intentional and purposeful in my walk with God. I've started regularly looking at my Bible and meeting with a mentor to talk, pray and be challenged by in my faith. Colour has helped me so much to stay on track in my relationship with God and I absolutely loved every second of it!! I can't wait for next year!!

Rachel Peck

"Once again Colour has helped me press the RESET button. 
Quality time with God as a busy mum is invaluable and precious as GOLD. 
I come away having been personally NURTURED despite being one of 12000 women. 
God met me where I was at and GREW me! 
I was INSPIRED, LOVED, ENCOURAGED, CHALLENGED, BROKEN and RESTORED. The journey continues and I look forward to STAYING THE PATH till next years INSPIRATION, ENCOURAGEMENT and CHALLENGE comes again!"

Jennie Eames

"I love being with lots of other people worshipping together.  It is great to be able to take a couple days out of normality and be able to learn from others/ hear inspiring preaches.  I really enjoyed being able to have quality time with friends too."

You can find out more about Colour Conference from their website or speak to someone who went this year and if you’d like to join us next year the reduced rate of £90 is available until this Sunday 14th May. Head to this link ( to register your place and make sure you click on ‘Join a group’ and enter our group code of CC18UNIT, to ensure you’re added to our list!

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Charmaine is Exec Assistant to our Exec Pastors Colin & Melissa and also oversees our Comms within UnitedLife. She considers herself a bit of a foodie, and one of her dreams is to own her own boutique B&B!

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