A Fight To The Finish

I was personally impacted by the message I shared on Sunday 8th October, and I hope you were encouraged and strengthened by it, and I don’t just mean by watching Arny ‘gear up’!


None of God's word is written by accident, so when it repeats itself, there is always a reason, Paul reminds us 4 times in 4 verses to stand in the battle! It was great to stand with those who are battling this Sunday, we truly are family when we do this.


So we looked at the Belt of truth, and I just want to underline this again, Jesus is the truth! We stand firm on the truth of his word. The truth prepares us for battle and sets us free from Satan’s lies.


And what about the breastplate of righteousness? Well, if the belt of truth prepares us for battle, the breastplate gives us the confidence to fight and to win!

Satan loves to tell us we aren’t good enough and we will fall, but the truth is we are the righteousness of God! (2 Corinthians 5:21) Our armour is impenetrable!


Here’s the verse I finished my message with on Sunday, take your stand, and keep fighting ‘cos I’ve read the end of the book and in the end we win!


Isaiah 54:17

But no weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged. Any accuser who takes you to court will be dismissed as a liar. This is what God's servants can expect. I'll see to it that everything works out for the best." God's Decree.

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Ben serves on the preaching team and is husband to Katherine and both are pastors of the future Sutton church location. He loves worshipping and much like King David in the bible, has a heart after God's own.