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I Surrender All by Fui Mee Quek

In the worlds’ eyes, I had everything: an enviable lifestyle and a loving, successful family. How could I get so anxious and depressed? How dare someone so blessed want to end her life? I was reminded that there were people less fortunate than me - which just made me feel even guiltier. A new business, hormonal changes and a week of sleepless nights had triggered effectively a “nervous breakdown”. I went from being a strong confident GP who was able to host 80 ladies for our church Christmas party to – in just a few weeks - being unable to make simple decisions, prepare meals or drive. I had totally lost control! This made me wholly dependent on my family. Instead of being the “superwoman” they knew me as, I felt useless and a burden. 

Called For A Purpose

After perhaps 45 years of starting the day with a time alone with God, I find I need to chop and change my routines to keep everything fresh. Right now, I’m memorising passages of the gospels, reading the same chapter of Paul’s letters every day for a week, and listening to podcasts on the Old Testament.  No doubt that will change again at some point, but as of this moment it’s working for me!


A Fight To The Finish

I was personally impacted by the message I shared on Sunday 8th October, and I hope you were encouraged and strengthened by it, and I don’t just mean by watching Arny ‘gear up’!


None of God's word is written by accident, so when it repeats itself, there is always a reason, Paul reminds us 4 times in 4 verses to stand in the battle! It was great to stand with those who are battling this Sunday, we truly are family when we do this.


Colour Conference 2017

This year was my ninth Colour Conference, but it could have been my first…every year is fresh and expansive and God captures my attention from the very ‘insignificant’ to the most heart arresting moments.

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to be at Colour or not, I hope you’d have heard that it’s so much more than a conference. It’s not a passive, ‘feed me’, girls-on-a-jolly, 48hours of hand bags, giggles and talking surface chit-chat about our journeys with Jesus…it’s oh so bigger than that!