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Words In Season - series reflections

What a series we’ve been having just finished over these last two months! 
Our ‘Words in season’ series has seen 7 incredible speakers invited to seek God and share what He is speaking to them about our church in this season. 

We’ve had: Bruce Oliver, Simon McIntyre, John Kirkby, Lesley Marshall. Michael Conrathe, Chrissie Chapman and Paul Demetriades. What a calibre! Each one brought their own unique style, voice and message that they prepared just for us. 

Honour Sunday reflections by Cath Prince

Honour Sunday is a highlight in the calendar for UnitedLife as it is a time for us to come together as the family of God to encourage and thank one another. We all have a part to play in the mission God has called us and no part is more important than another. Seeing and reflecting on the impact our church is having on our local and global community through the service of generous and talented people using their gifts to make a difference and point people to Jesus is inspiring.

Dusting off by John Kirkby

Last March I had the opportunity to go to CAP’s Annual United Conference again, for Centre Managers and their church leaders.

Melissa came with me and we had the privilege of hearing an excellent message from John Kirkby, the founder of CAP.

We were both so keen to share it with the whole church and that’s why we showed it as part of our Words In Season series at the end of June!

Snowdon Sponsored Walk for CAP by Hilaire Leong

CAP Snowdon Walk Blog

It all started with an idea God gave me about 18 months ago. The idea was to raise funds for CAP by doing a sponsored walk up (and down) Mount Snowdon. It took some time for the plan to take shape, but once I committed to it, I found that it took on a life of its own. I sent out emails to gauge interest about 2 months before the chosen date, and to be honest, there wasn’t much! I had guides, now I needed walkers, then I could think about logistics.


I wanted to unpack a bit more about how we can best remain in the vine (John 15:5) so that we can live a life of freedom, a life of bearing the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) for the glory of God! 


If you’re reading this and haven’t yet listened to the accompanying podcast, please do take a moment to listen to my message, as this blog will only make sense in light of that!


I Surrender All by Fui Mee Quek

In the worlds’ eyes, I had everything: an enviable lifestyle and a loving, successful family. How could I get so anxious and depressed? How dare someone so blessed want to end her life? I was reminded that there were people less fortunate than me - which just made me feel even guiltier. A new business, hormonal changes and a week of sleepless nights had triggered effectively a “nervous breakdown”. I went from being a strong confident GP who was able to host 80 ladies for our church Christmas party to – in just a few weeks - being unable to make simple decisions, prepare meals or drive. I had totally lost control! This made me wholly dependent on my family. Instead of being the “superwoman” they knew me as, I felt useless and a burden. 

Called For A Purpose

After perhaps 45 years of starting the day with a time alone with God, I find I need to chop and change my routines to keep everything fresh. Right now, I’m memorising passages of the gospels, reading the same chapter of Paul’s letters every day for a week, and listening to podcasts on the Old Testament.  No doubt that will change again at some point, but as of this moment it’s working for me!