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C3 Presence Conference 2017!


Presence Conference is an experience. It’s effective ministry, leadership training and empowerment for every believer. It is about you meeting with God and God meeting with you. 

If there is one thing we are longing for, it is for the power of the Holy Spirit. If there is one thing He is longing for, it is to spend time with you.

Believe More – Love is…

Some of you might remember the old Love is… series. Rubbish like "Love is… never having to say you’re sorry.” Well ultimately we know what love is, because God is… love and He shows us. Love is… like that. It can’t keep quiet. It declares itself in any and every which way.

Top 10 Women!

After sharing my Top 10 Monks last week, Susan sent me her list of Top 10 Women who are also very inspiring. Susan is one of the women who leads our UL Women’s Prayer Group, read on to find out who’s on her list!

'The 5'

This Service is another wonderful opportunity to gather to worship and pray together, and in light of the various changes that are happening at UnitedLife, including church planting in the Autumn, it will give our Senior Pastors, Paul & Jillian an opportunity to share and keep you informed about important things that are coming up. 

All In

Two week’s ago Ben Parsons encouraged us over our offering and we were so impacted by what he shared and read out that we’ve asked him to pen it for us too!

Join The Adventure!

In the book of Ecclesiastes we read that God works in seasons and that there is a time for everything under the sun.  A key to getting on in life and making the most of it is to understand the season you are in.  This isn't only true for us as individuals, but also as a church.