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As members of a family we believe You were uniquely designed by God to do certain things. As members of a growing church family we believe you were uniquely created by God to live life to the full in Him! You are not an assembly-line product, massed produced without any thought. You are a custom-designed, one of a kind, original masterpiece!

We celebrate the fact that we are unique – we have different gifts, abilities and personalities and it’s when we come together and get involved, serve on a team that we experience not just teamwork but a real sense of belonging.

‘For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago’- Ephesians 2:10.

There are so many teams that you can be part of here at UnitedLife. Scroll down to find a brief description of each team, together with the team leader’s name and how you can contact them. If you want to be introduced to a team leader, you can also head to the Next Steps Bar on a Sunday and that can be arranged for you too!



christians against poverty team

UnitedLife partner with Christians Against Poverty because we are passionate about releasing people from a life sentence of poverty, debt, unemployment and addiction. We are passionate about bringing hope and freedom to people in our community. Whether it’s the weight of debt, struggling to find work or needing a bit of help with your budget – are CAP Team are here to help! Based in Sutton out of our office, we currently run a Debt Centre, Job clubs and Money Courses. If you think you can come alongside and befriend vulnerable people, our CAP Team would love to hear from you.

Contact our CAP Centre Manager Julie O’Brien for more information


Events Team

We ensure that all our Event Sundays, Lunches, Conferences, and other events, are planned well, run smoothly and  All year round we make sure that church life is full of extra-special ways to reach out to our friends and society.

If you’re interested in being part of this team, please contact Laura Wood our Events Team Leader


home team

We are a friendly team who ensure our Sunday morning guests and visitors have a best possible experience from when they arrive at the car park to the front doors and the foyer area. Team members wear identifiable lanyards ‘Hello’ ‘Ask Me’ or ‘Next Steps’ depending on which areas they are looking after that week. If you like meeting new people, are good with faces and can greet people with a smile, a ‘hello’ or maybe even a hug(!) you could be the person to join this team!

Contact Libby or Cath who would love to tell you more about this team and how you can be part of it


kids team

Our Sunday morning Kids teams serve newborns through to 11 year olds with our Pareny&Baby Room to our Adventurers. We make learning about Jesus fun and relevant! We use stories and games to illustrate and highlight the theme/story we are looking at. We also believe in the safety of all our families and all team members will be required to complete certain checks before serving on team.

Contact Mel Taylor our Children’s Ministry Team Leader if you would like more information about serving on any of our Kids Teams


next steps bar


As a community we love to build deep friendships to support one another through life. Part of this is helping guests and visitors become part of the church family. We run New to Church lunches/sessions and connect groups. We facilitate Alpha, Purpose Driven life and Disciple and other life courses such as the Marriage Course to ensure people can take the next step for their growth to become more like Jesus.

Contact Katherine Parsons our Discipleship Pathways Project Manager for more information


prayer team

This team plays an incredibly vital role in our Services, being ready to pray and minister to people who are responding to a message, or who want others to stand with them for a need of healing, direction, provision and so on. It might also be to pray through a first time decision for Jesus Christ or a recommitment.

If you are interested in being part of this team then please contact Steve & Stef Edmonds at




Storytime is a fun, interactive and educational half hour for all children under 5 years old (plus their parents/carers) that runs in term-time every Thursday morning. There are two sessions each week. The first running from 10:30am - 11:00am and the second from 11:30am - 12:00pm. Both sessions will have the same content for that particular day. There are songs, fun activities, and of course great stories told with engaging story-telling. If you love engaging with young children and their families, and build relationship between our community activities and church come and find out what it means to be on the Storytime Team.

Contact Mel Taylor for more information about being part of this team


tech team

We love working together to create the environment for our Services and ensure things like sound, staging and are of excellent quality and standard. We enhance the Auditorium to make it welcoming and enhance the atmosphere for praise, prayer and worship. If you have any specific skills you can offer to this team, please do get in touch. If you just have a passion to serve in this area, there are skills you can be taught and trained.

Please speak to Pete Coleman our Tech Team Leader for more information


UnitedLife Men


UnitedLife Men exists to connect guys together of all ages. We meet to develop friendships, inspire and encourage each other in our relationship with God, our day to day lives and help navigate the trials and challenges that life bring us. Previous events have included golf days, bowling nights, curry nights and most recently our first Men’s Conference.

If you’re interested in being part of the team that puts these events together and have a desire to see men continue to build one another up and support one another than get in touch with Rob Marshall our Men’s Ministry Team Leader


unitedlife women

UnitedLife Women is all about building community, friendship and supporting each other in every aspect and season of life. We have great times together and events include an annual International Food Evening, BBQs, Clothes Swaps, Chocolate Evenings, Christmas Parties and our Breathe Women’s Conference!

Contact Jillian Conrathe Snr Pastor and the Women’s Ministry Team Leader for more information


worship team

This team is all about creating an atmosphere of praise and worship to enable people to connect with God and His presence. We are made up of people who are passionate about contributing their musical gifts and talents to lead the church in heartfelt, passionate praise and worship.

To find out more about serving on this team and how you might be able to get involved please speak to our Worship Team Leader Charmaine Croxson


youth team

We believe in empowering this generation of world changers and are excited to dream big with them! We want to see our youth learn their true value and identity through encountering God! We create an environment that welcomes everyone to come as they are, encouraging them to grow through good teaching and solid friendships. We believe in the safety of all our young people and therefore all team members will be required to complete certain checks before serving on team.

Contact our Youth Team Leaders Matt & Charis Squirrell for more information about being part of this team